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Auto Pilot 9000

Swift Electricals. first preference to quality. is an award winning engineering company.We are a service oriented engineering company with our main focus on Engineering Design,


  • Fully Tested with Reliable
  • Fantastice Srurface
  • Gernman Tecchnology
  • Good Quality

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This high-grade autopilot model was designed with three fundamental concepts in mind: expanding and strengthening helm functions, thorough safety considerations, and improved reliability and more intelligent maintenance functions.


  • IBS (Integrated Bridge System) compatibility
  • Improved interface
  • Complete range of controls
  • Compatible with a variety of steering systems
  • Safety considerations designed in
  • Standard compatibility with digital output gyros

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This best-selling model has been installed in over 15,000 small and medium vessels including ...


  • Designed for operational simplicity
  • More affordable, with improved course holding ability
  • Variety of system configurations (stand-alone model, GYLOT model, console model)
  • Compatible with a variety of steering systems

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