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TOKYO KEIKI Latest ECDIS, EC-8600/EC-8100 series. In addition to conformity to the latest International Rules and Regulations, TOKYO KEIKI's own ideals and functions are incorporated which contribute and support a safe and efficient voyage. Required information can be called upon anytime when needed, a concept by TOKYO KEIKI.


  • New 26 inch wide screen LCD display (EC-8600) WUXGA 1920 x 1200 wide screen pixel support
  • AIO display supported, T&P notice to Mariners and AIO can be displayed as supplementary information on ENC chart
  • INS conformity ANMS response, centralized management of all alerts from each Navigation Equipment (Alert management System)
  • Fast installation of ENC charts (Install time reduced by 1/3 as compared to previous models)
  • VDR connection
  • Track Control System (TCS) conformed with IMO/IEC requirement and display by interface with Heading Control System (Tokimec PR-6000series) (DNV: Type Approved)

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